1 hour Kettle Class: Saturday, Nov. 3rd @ the Women’s Athletic Club; 4141 State St.

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Corey & Noah

My husband and I started working with Yogi in March 2014 to prepare for our wedding and loved her training style so much that we continued on.  Yogi's training style combines core fitness, cardio, and strength training in new and exciting ways (except for those darn sandbags!), that always keeps our workouts interesting and never boring - even going twice or more a week.  Her keen focus on core strength before big muscles has helped set the stage for strong strength training workout later on that would have been impossible for us when we first started.  It is this type of training expertise, strong knowledge of combination exercises, and her love of sandbags, (no, really, she loves those things)that kept us coming back to Yogi every single week.  Even though my Husband and I had different goals, and even different needs when working out, Yogi handles this seamlessly and we left each workout feeling, well, like we had truly worked out, so couples training is no issue for her.  Having worked out with personal trainers before unsuccessfully I can attest to the struggle with finding someone who listens, is knowledgeable and is there for you every set of the way  - Yogi is this person. - Corey


I had remembered seeing a post in a neighborhood listing about a trainer who worked with tennis players, and when I decided to give myself the gift of working with a trainer for my 70th birthday, I called for an appointment.  When I first met Yogi, I said that my goal was to stay injury-free so I could continue to play tennis with my 18+ team!  Its been 4 years now and I play tennis several times a week-still injury free!  Yogi not only provides me strength training, but she also designs exercises that mimic moves I make on th court and hitting shots, moving to the ball, and increasing my power.  I am both Physically and mentally stronger as a result of her encouragement and dogged determination to keep me positive in the face of younger competition. - Sandy


I wholeheartedly recommend Yogi as a kind, supportive , highly skilled personal trainer. She has an uncanny ability to see all of her client's individual needs and create safe, approachable plans to help them excel.  She knows just when to supply the right amount of motivation when you need it...and most important she's helped me to become more internally motivated to train, and take better overall care of myself.



My Mother grew up in Solvang, my father in Lompoc.  I have done core training with Yogi Johnson for the past 3 years in Seattle Washington.  The experience was transforming.  I play golf and needed more flexibility , balance and some muscle strength.  I truly enjoyed training with her.  Her specific exercises varied each time I saw her.  I lost 25lbs the first year, and really enjoyed the process!  If you want someone with experience putting together a program to meet your specific wants and needs, there is no one better. - David Balaam